Just a little sweeter

The dreaded annual winter cleanup has befallen my electronics this week. As I organized my desktop and files on my laptop, I couldn’t help but spend some time in my ‘photos 2014’ folder. By little time, I mean A LOT of time. Like, 162 GB worth of time. Most of which was spent questioning my ability to pose in front of a camera or choosing the right shade of pink to compliment my skin tone. Which reminds me, peach and mint are definitely my new favourite colours this year! Putting my colour preferences aside, I realized that I had had a very unique year. While there were many important, reflective and might I add, regretful moments with which 2014 challenged me and which were not captured on film, I decided to pull out some (random) highlights that I did manage to capture.

In no particular order, I present to you my chosen, memorable moments of 2014 that made my life a little sweeter.

Lived in a foreign country, alone, for the first time. Scary, liberating, exciting, frustrating, lonely, fulfilling, persevering. It’s not everyday you live under Martial law.

DSC_6889 DSC_6955 DSC_6948


Visited the pyramids…3 times in one year. Overkill much?


Cooked my first Italian dish after watching a youtube video on Italian cooking. It was ok, but not good enough for Under the Tuscan Sun. Oh well!

Italian - High Quality

4 – Snorkelled amidst the most beautiful coral reef in the world…with a life jacket on. You win some, you lose some.


Bought our first full-frame camera, and wondering why we didn’t do this centuries ago!

Istanbul - Blue Mosque - High QualityDSC_0680

The lucky charms at the end of the rainbow don’t exist. Trust me, I tried.


Stepped foot onto the cradle of civilization.




Celebrated three years of married bliss with my one and only.


One of the most inspiring, positive and altruistic people I know got married to the man of her dreams. Congratulations beautiful Mahreen!


Kissed my grandma for the last time. May God rest her soul.


Kissed my niece for the first time. May God keep her healthy and happy.


Spent 3 hours at a coffee shop reading...and eating.  Obviously.


Stepped into the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life.   Something checked off my non-existent bucket list!



Laughed.  A lot.  Especially with loved ones.


Launched Ali Batoul Creatives, a space to express our passions, inspirations, creations and ourselves through the photographic lens. Loving every second!


I can sum it up by saying that this past year was quite adventurous. And with all adventures come difficulty, self-doubt and little to no direction. But also with adventure, comes opportunities to forge new pathways, map out your dreams, fulfill them and appreciate the present moment for what it is rather than what you expect it to be.

Be inspired,