Manolos and Photo Albums

Carrie Bradshaw and I have a few things in common:  First, a love for bright, blingy shoes.  Except for me, Manolo Blahniks are only eye candy through my virtual screen (le sigh). Second, writer’s block for days on in.  Third, a love for real, hardcover books.  You know, the ones where you actually turn the pages using your fingers and where no search engine can identify that key word you’re looking for.  I like it the old school sort of way and sadly (or not), I don’t see myself jumping the bandwagon to tablet books any time soon!  Yay for hard cover book geeks!

As part of our photography business, Ali and I have set out an (overwhelming) list of priorities that we think will help promote our photographic work and build something special.  There’s a "must-have" list, i.e. - practice, practice, practice (ongoing forever!), an annual strategy, a website (soon!), social media page displaying our projects, etc.  All those tools for online marketing are a huge thing and while it’s all so much to consider only a few weeks into our new journey, we are taking it one step at a time.

One item that I’ve recently shifted into our “must-have” laundry list is the infamous photo album.  I’ve ordered two photo albums recently and from the moment I took them out of their box, I was floored.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!!  There’s a strong emotional and photojournalistic pull when looking through your engagement or wedding day photos when displayed in a well-designed photo album.  There’s an engaging story being told that I don’t think can be captured on a computer screen.  Check out the two photo albums displaying Ali Batoul Creatives photography portfolio.

I’m excited to bring to life my own wedding photos soon (finally!!)!  Now if only it were that easy to bring to life a pair of Manolo’s.

Be creative,