Espana 2015: Cordoba

To corroborate one of our incessant behaviours we wrote about on our '11 random things you didn't know about us' blog post, this trip happened as a result of Batoul's ability to skillfully scower the internet to find the best travel deals possible.  We've never travelled to Europe before.  Yes, we know, we've been missing out for the longest time.  Our usual shenanigans take us out to Asia and the Middle East, but this time around, we were looking for a more politically stable place to visit where we wouldn't have to keep watch for curfews and AK-47s.  More on one of those trips here

The lack of European flavour in our lives was definitely made up for during our one week long (too short, yet too long at the same time!) adventure caught up in the beauty of southern Spain.  We walked through those picturesque cobblestone alleyways of Granada, watched the sun set along the Cordobian horizon and not-so-much-enjoyed-but-opened-our-minds to a 7 euro goat cheese ice cream scoop.  Not the best way to spend euros, but then again, you sometimes have to learn your lesson the hard way! 

Cordoba was our first stops down south.  The incredible architecture and history of the Mesquita (mosque), the main monument of this magestic place, really blew our minds.  Hundreds of striped arches lined the interior of the mosque-turned-cathedral, super old arabic calligraphy can be seen outlining some of these arches with gold foliage everywhere.  And right smack in the middle of the mosque, with a completely different, gothic style, was the Christian cathedral.  Such a huge contrast to the Islamic-style brick arches, but incredibly detailed and beautiful in its own right.  We only spent one night in Cordoba, so we made sure to take the time to watch the sun set behind the Mesquita.  

Here are a few snaps we caught walking through this inspiring city.   Stay tuned for our adventures in Granada, coming to the blog soon!