To New Beginnings...

We are officially moving into our new home this week! Eeek!! Exhausted from weeks of intense decision-making, brown boxes galore (why don't they come in better colours?!) and lots of pizza dinners.  I mean, I'm all for whole wheat in everything else except in pizza form.  But amidst the late night packing and daily runs to the local pizza shop, we are grateful.  For the opportunity to start fresh and reinvigorate ourselves to become the best versions of who we are.  With these huge changes in our lives, we look forward to thinking differently, trying new things (like maybe cooking a bit more at home for example) and exploring paths we never expected to take.  

From China adventures (we'll post some more on our first international trip together soon!), to living under emergency rule in Egypt, to buying our first car, getting married, visiting Mecca and Medina TWICE, taking advantage of airbnb deals, to launching our own photography business; 3 iPhones and a Samsung later, I can say that the past 3.5 years living life with my best friend, my soulmate, have been the most enriching, funny, scary and invigorating experiences of my life!  I can't wait to continue our adventures together in a new home.  Wouldn't have it any other way.