A million times over and back again: Celebrating 4 years together [Video]

This month we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Four beautiful, happy, adventure-seeking, loving years together as husband and wife.  Sometimes I sit back and think, 'Are we really married? Am I really living the life I've always dreamed of? With this incredible human being by my side!?'.  Reality reminds me that, yes, for some crazy wild reason, he chose me.  

I put this short video together to celebrate the many different experiences and inspiring moments that we have shared together over the past year or so.  I included some clips from the time (as if it was such a long time ago!  A little over a year ago) I lived in Egypt, our travels through Turkey and Iraq (where my family is from), roadtrips through New Hampshire to Boston, beaching in California and performing the pilgrimage for the hajj in Mecca and Medina. Putting together bits and pieces of random moments we've captured over the year really makes me want to be more intentional with future personal video footage I capture! Whether it's the small details, a flower, the breeze causing branches to move, or people's laughter, smiles and hand gestures.  These are the moments that make everything worth it.  Enjoy these snippets into our life!