The Power of Perspective

Perspective is pretty powerful.  We can either choose to be angry or happy.  To fill our hearts with grudges and negativity or to simply let go.  To focus on all the terrible things that exist around us or look at the world from a positive light.  To turn a blind eye and rely on ignorance as an excuse or stand up for what is right despite the uphill battle.  It's not worth the time or effort to be upset at someone else's faults when there is so much room for improvement in our own selves.

Today, I choose to be happy.  To think positively.  To see beauty in the little things.  To hug genuinely.  To cherish what's in front of me at this moment.  To dream big and live those dreams every day, no matter how much it scares me to do so.


Cheers to those dreamers who dare to fail several times over, knowing and believing that it's all part of the process and not the end of the journey.