Making each day count

It’s not usual for me that rom-com would inspire a blog post. But About Time struck a bit of a nerve. In an effort to just kick back and relax, Batoul and I randomly stumbled on this movie on Netflix. We were in the mood for something funny and not too involved.  

But this movie went surprisingly beyond that. It’s about a young man who possesses the ability to travel back in time at specific moments he has already experienced and ‘undo’ them if you will with obvious repercussions on his future (to which he can return to). Normally such a grave violation of physics would make me eager to 1-star the movie and move on but it’s surprising well put together. That’s because the protagonist of the film goes back in time to deal with the stuff normal people would want to do – resolve family crises, prevent calamities, re-experience happy moments and spend more time with loved ones whose time has passed.

The bottom line (spoiler) of the movie was something that deeply resonated. The visual cue that you don’t need to have the power to go back in time to maximize on each day was powerful. The standard cliché here applies, that it’s the little things and being more conscious of them each day is the ultimate key to happiness and that path is glacially incremental. If I could go back in time, it would be to right my wrongs and be more loving, to restore bonds between peoples and create advantages to put myself on an even more purposeful path in life.

But all of that remains in my power now. It’s simply a matter of being conscious of it and putting it into practice. Finding ways to reduce mental clutter and bring sharper focus to the things that matter is the eternal struggle but it’s nice to have surprising reminders like this. I’m better for it.


California coastline.

California coastline.