Soul on Fire

She is someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.

She exudes positivity and attracts the same.

Her soul is on fire.  And she’s always up for a new adventure.

She has a compassionate heart.  Feels deeply.  Thinks of others.

She’s fearless, without knowing it. 

She has a voice.  Speaks out when things don’t seem right.

She sometimes feels unsure of herself, but lets her confidence direct her path.

She dances like no one is watching.

Because she knows loss and sorrow, she appreciates every moment and opportunity that knocks on her door.

She laughs with all her heart.  And often.

She loves and is loved.  

Ali and I have been living apart for a few months now as he explores opportunities half-way across the globe in Qatar.  I miss him dearly and I count down the days until we are together again.  So this shoot below didn't come out of nowhere.  The idea that loving someone to the extent that you lose your sense of identity doesn't resonate with me.  Being away from your loved ones is difficult, but it doesn't mean that you shrivel away and refrain from living your life to the fullest.  I think that in any relationship, for it to be long-lasting, strong and mutually beautiful, two people must stand side-by-side on equal footing, cheering each other on in the pursuit of each other's dreams. 

Our own love story inspired me to create a reminiscent setting of lovers living apart.  So this one is dedicated to the ladies (and gents!) who are strong enough to be openly vulnerable, throw hesitation to the wind, embrace their identities, are fearless and compassionate, who love and are loved despite distance.  

Cindy Bekkedam (model), Becca (Happyevercrafter) and Katherine (wearepollennation) put our thinking caps on and created this inspiring shoot in a matter of days.