He told me to believe

He told me to believe.  To put everything aside.  My anxieties, doubts, fears.  They are just that.  Anxieties, doubts and fears.  They are not reality.  

I held back tears of frustration.  Well not really, they pretty much flowed uncontrollably down my face.  Which is the usual phenomenon with my pregnancy hormones all the rage! (haha)

As a lot of new creative entrepreneurs go through, we question ourselves, our purpose, our capabilities.  Why things aren’t going as planned or why others seem so much more successful than you.  The questions are endless.  Does anyone notice how I’m working my butt off just to be recognized as a worthy photographer? Will my determination and passion for my business get me through these feelings of defeat and self-doubt?  

Last night, Ali’s words reminded me of that time during my undergrad when I was desperate to find a part-time job to help me fund my last year of studies.  With my limited work experience and determination to make it happen, I emailed 100 managers in the government with my resume and cover letter in search of even the smallest interest in me.  It’s as if they smelled my desperation because of the 100 emails I sent out, only 10 managers replied.  Of those 10 managers, 1 of them hired me.  I had no idea why she even hired me and to this day, I am astonished that she took the chance on me.  Despite my lack of experience, that manager believed that I was talented and capable enough to do the job right.  And I did.  

So, I’m telling myself right here before I head out to enjoy the afternoon sun with Ali: believe in who you are, your purpose, your hard work, and things will happen.  It’s just a matter of time. 

Musandam, Oman

Musandam, Oman