Video: An Afternoon at Morrison's Quarry in Wakefield

We've been living together in Ottawa for six years. In Batoul's case, Ottawa has been home forever. But today was a first time moment - we visited Morrison's Quarry. A breathtaking place of cliffs, clear see-through water, bungee jumping and deep water diving, all within half hour of Ottawa's downtown core. We were a bit stunned that such a beautiful place is right here in town and has escaped us for so long. It's good to know that there is so much more to explore of this beautiful valley. 

To top it all off, this week we celebrate my 31st birthday (I'm slightly younger than Batoul and she becomes extra happy when we're 'finally' the same age), our 6th marriage anniversary (what!?) and Hayat's 8 months of life (what again!?!).  So much to be grateful for, so Batoul created a (very) short video of our time at the quarry to remember these special days together. Enjoy!