A simple act of generosity

On our way to brunch this weekend, we drove through the main downtown district of Doha filled with boastful (and empty) skyscrapers, overpriced cafes and one too many white Landcruisers. Between the jutting buildings, I caught a glimpse of an older South Asian man dressed in his shalwar kameez, the traditional Pakistani two piece white garb. He was standing in the open sun, surrounded by a flock of hungry birds as he tossed bread in every direction.  

What caught me by surprise was his huge smile as he shared food with the birds like he was sprinkling confetti at a wedding. In that moment, he was happy and seemingly filled with joy without a care in the world. Plain and simple.  He was a magnetic force, attracting the curiosity of those birds, nourishing their hunger and seemingly spreading his love and positivity through a simple act of generosity.

I want to live that life. The one made of spontaneity, sincerity, free-spiritedness, kindness, generosity and a happiness so fervently felt in the every day simplicities.