Failing Miserably and Gracefully

F A I L U R E.  Who knows the dreaded feeling of failing to reach your goals, or plain and simple, screwing up royally?     

God know's how many times I've failed in my life.  Miserably.  Gracefully.  Sloppily.  Any adjective fits well here.

In grade 4, not wanting to get on the ice rink for fear of falling and hurting myself.  Presenting a memorized speech in front of the whole school crowd in that stuffy gym.  After spending years in school, travelling across the world working in my field of study, and finally landing that dream corporate job, I started my creative entrepreneurial journey from scratch and made huge mistakes along the way.  

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I fell a million times on that ice rink.  My purple knees attested to it.  But for some reason, I kept trying to skate, with lots of wobbles and face plants along the ride.

I forgot my rehearsed words standing in front of the crowd of my peers and I beat myself up a million times over for losing my self-confidence.  But the fact is, I actually stood up and spoke in front of hundreds of eyes before me.

Three years in, and my husband as my business partner, we have survived and are thriving in an industry saturated with incredibly talented creatives who are better than us in so many aspects.   But, we are still present, passionate and excited for the future.

Failure has taught me that it's never the end, just a stumbling block to make you re-examine and refocus on what is important to you.  And to start again, maybe in a different direction, but nonetheless, to begin anew, with more wisdom in your back pocket to help lead the way.  

Have you had any major stumbling blocks in your life that always stick out to you?

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