A Year in the Life of Hayat (Video)

Dear Hayat,

You are now one year old and are completely mesmerized by bottles. Any bottle you can get your hands on, you love and desperately want to open. Hand sanitizers, creams, shampoos -- you name it, you want to grab it and unscrew the lid and down all of its contents. While you don't walk yet, you're extremely mobile. Crawling is the main mode of transport but you can stand with little support and have very active hands and feet to the point where we have both sported a number of cuts and bruises thanks to you! 

If we had to guess about your future personality from what we see right now, we'd surmise that you're going to be a pretty social person. It's hard for you to find someone you don't like. You love to smile and laugh with random strangers (perhaps we should talk about that!). 

It has been a full year of learning for us with you. You pushed us to the limits with your crazy sleeplessness for the first four months of your life but then became angelic post-sleep training. We've learned to respond to your mastery of communication tools -- clapping and the various grunts and noises you make to indicate your pleasure or dissatisfaction. And we've also figured out that you love to "wrestle" and make animal noises (without a doubt, something inherited from your dad). 

We've learnt more than just about you however. Caring for you, being with you has taught a lot about ourselves. Patience, presence and what really matters in life is coming through a lot more vividly for us. Perspective perhaps. In cold terms, you might say it's the responsibility for another life. But for us, it's a new love. An odd mix of concern, joy, fear and spontaneous laughter. 

To sum it up Hayat, its been a whacky and awesome year. We love you, cherish that nose crinkle of a smile of yours and wish you an amazing happy birthday. Each year with you is a blessing and our lives are forever enriched by you. 

We made you a video recapping our favourite moments of your life.  We will cherish this forever.


Mama and Baba

PS: Photos from Hayat's first birthday bash below!