Living a Wholesome Life

"I want to live a wholesome life".  That's what Ali said to me as we were having our last brunch in Cape Town.  Hayat was snoozing away in her stroller next to us and we were waiting on our hot coffees amidst the chilly morning breeze.  Cafe mocha for me, because I can't pass up on a sweet sugar rush in the morning.  

Our conversation was made up of a series of questions, particularly on travel.  What is the point of travelling so often? Is it to check off a bucket list of places we hope to visit? Or is it more about meeting people from all walks of life, learning about how they live, what makes them happy and drives their core?  Is it about building a catalogue of experiences to boast about during dinner parties or small talk?  Is it for the sake of escaping your current state of affairs for a small while, all to have to return to the daily grind that doesn't fulfill your life's purpose?  Or is it about finding inspiration in the everyday lives of fellow humankind?

Ali always get deep and he encourages me to think outside of the box.  I have to embarassingly admit that sometimes I do get caught up with this idea that travelling fulfills my soul.  But it's all an idea.  Travelling in of itself is meaningless.  

It's about the beauty you experience and how that beauty replenishes your heart and helps you to improve yourself.  It's all about the lessons you learn and how you implement them in your regular life that makes the difference.   It's not about the need to escape your ordinary life to find happiness but about finding contentment within regardless of where you've left your footprint.

We will be spending our time during this holy month of Ramadhan looking within, seeking inspiration from home and encouraging one another to be the best people we can be.