On the Cusp of Greatness

I'm one of those people who collect inspiring quotes.  Whenever I hear or read something that touches my soul, the only way for me to move on with my day is to scribble them down in my handy notebook or email the quote to myself to have it saved in my inbox for however long it takes for me to retrieve it.  Not too organized, I know, but it's a true gem when I randomly stumble upon these nuggets of inspiration in the rare occasion that I'm cleaning out my inbox.

Today I randomly found an old email I sent to myself a few years back with one of those quotes.  

"What builds self-confidence? Use Affirmations like 'Why am I so confident? Why do I believe in myself? Why do I trust my intuition?' because these empowering questions focus your mind on why you are, in fact, confident."

I sent this quote on positive affirmations to myself during a time in my life when my self-esteem was at an all time low.  I had just completed my undergraduate degree with more than $20K debt in my back pocket but had no job prospects.  I had no idea what I wanted to do next in life and I had no confidence in my self nor my abilities and could not see potential in what I could do in the future.  I was stuck in a phase of mediocrity - a dull, uninspiring conundrum.  

I'm not saying that a quote changed my life.  There was no spiritual awakening or sudden inspiration of self-love and all that jazz. I don't think it happens that way all that often anyway.  It took me years before I was able to know myself and be happy with who I am. To be confident enough to truly pursue my curiosities and dare to dream bigger and see the infinite possibilities that surround me - for some, this comes naturally, but for me it took a lot of hard work, life experiences and many conversations with myself to reach the tipping point.  

All I'm saying is that if you are going through a similar experience, or feeling or thought, it's ok.  But don't settle for mediocrity. It may take a little more time to understand the wisdom of your experiences.  Just know that you are just on the cusp of greatness.