Our Number One

Hayat is one lucky girl.  To have a father like you, so caring, self-sacrificing, strong yet so gentle and compassionate.  The way you smile at Hayat and repeat over and over again, ‘I can’t believe I’m a dad. I can’t believe we have Hayat.’  Our life.  Our Hayat.  You’ve always been such a loving, sensitive person.  You emanate kindness towards your loved ones through your patient nature.  You attract people who want to lead more meaningful lives, because you live purposefully every day.  

But what Hayat has brought out in you is a love so deep, one you didn’t know you could even feel within a human body.  A refined purpose that stems from true contentment and happiness.  A daughter to call your own.  So beautiful, innocent and pure.  From your very own flesh and bones, she’s yours to nurture, care for, protect, support and love.   

You gaze at her in such awe and joy even amidst the cranky tantrums, projectiles of projectiles and 'dhal-stained' pants.  You run at the opportunity to hold Hayat, change her diaper, and sit around lazily playing with her while she stares deeply into your eyes and lets out a silent laugh.  Ah, and the way she smiles at you - she feels safe and content.  Exactly the way I’ve always felt in your arms too.  

She’s a lucky one, to witness all the ways in which you love her mother unconditionally. The way you respect, appreciate and support my crazy dreams.  She’ll know that she can count on you to do the same for her.  So that she feels that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Happy first Father’s day, to the man who will forever be our number 1.  We love you, baba.

Hayat & Mama