"I want to make a new biomedical device" - Arsala

I want to make a new biomedical device that’s not available anywhere. I’m trying to work on non-invasive blood pressure modelling, to do something optical instead of those cuffs, something you can wear that will tell you your blood pressure. That’s what I’m researching and maybe I’ll wind up making something like that.

What inspires you to do this research?

The papers I’ve been reading, so it just fills my head with ideas on things I want to work on. I really want to apply for this university entrepreneurship program where they help you build on your idea and support you to work on it to bring your device in touch with the industry. But, I think its also because of my son that I ended up doing this because I was very lazy in the beginning when I first got married and came here. I thought I’d finish my studies later. But when my son was born, I was more motivated, like I have to do it right now before he’s older, so he knows his mom is doing something amazing.

~ Arsala, Biomedical Engineering student, mother and wife