The Travel Bucket List

As some of you may know, we are travel mongers.  We (well, Ali) loves planning where the best places are to pick up the most authentic, delicious and halal meals which usually end up being holes in the walls.  We (again, Ali), research the most unique sites to visit and gain insight into history behind them.  We (ahem...Ali), set out to find cute airbnb accommodations or rocking boutique hotels in the heart of town that's walking distance to everything while being kind to the wallet.  That really leaves me with choosing my outfits and preparing snacks along the way.  I'm such a heavy lifter!

In addition to snack preparations, my contributions to our travelling lifestyle includes writing lists of countries to visit, sites to see, people to meet.  Oh, and finding those cheap flights.  I'm a pro at that thanks to this best kept secret. 

As much as I'd like to visit every single place on this earth (one day!), I've taken a mental picture of those places that keep coming up in our conversations.  Up until now, that list has been engraved in my mind.  But the time has finally come.  The time to write down that list old school style and make dreams into reality.

Pakistan: Ali hasn’t been back there since he was born and it would be such a dream to see the spectacular nature of the north.

UK: Batoul hasn't been back since she entered into this world, so a bit of London bridge wouldn't be too shabby! 

Machu Pichu: Aztec ruins.

Grand Canyon: At sunrise.  

Southern Spain: DONE!  See the photos here, here, here,  AND here!

Italia: We haven’t travelled much through Europe yet, but Italy would be at the top of the list!  Under the Tuscan Sun anybody?

Banff National Park: Luckily, Ali has already been.  Twice.  So, this is geared more towards Batoul!

Quebec City:  A small piece of Europe only 5 hours drive away.

Havana: Before globalization hits.

Oman: Lush greenery in an arid dessert region?  I'll take that as a wonder of the world.

The pyramids: DONE.  See here.

South Africa: Because Batoul would like to ride an elephant once in her life.

California:  All of it.  But we did visit Socal last year, so that's kind of DONE!

Morocco: We’ve been to Morocco on transit, but an hour long taxi ride through the city doesn’t count!

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan: Silk Road central.

The Whole World: Might as well. 

Dubai: For New Years and insanely good, luxurious halal food.

Japan: cherry blossoms trees in the Spring.

Iceland: Hot springs of course.

Istanbul, Turkey at sunset.

Istanbul, Turkey at sunset.