The Lemonade Files 02: How it all started

The Lemonade Files are a series of bitesize anecdotes from memorable happenings in our lives that make us laugh, love and appreciate the subtleties of everydayness.

It was freezing. Everything seemed to be closed by 5 pm. And I learned the hard way that black ice is no joke in Ottawa. Suffice to say, my introduction to Canada's capital six years ago was rough. Every hour I seemed to dream up a different plan of going back to Toronto. But after about a week, I decided slipping deeper and deeper into my misery wouldn't help. Toronto was not getting any closer. Sucking it up and trying to meet people in this city, taking a genuine interest in what it had to offer was the way I was going to keep my sanity.

But it did much more than that. Somehow, along the way, I summoned the courage to ask an incredible woman I met out for a cup of coffee, just a few months after those harrowing first weeks. And as they say, the rest is history. Six years later, I am married to my best friend and comrade. And our bond has been strengthened over the years by our shared values and passions -- travel, 9gag memes, photography, observing and experiencing dysfunctions in immigrant integration in Canada (as depicted artfully by Jus Reign), foreign languages, being home bodies and laughing at all the strange things our white friends do and say. Oh, and our shared love of the city we call home - Ottawa. 

The Lemonade File: A series of bitesize anecdotes about our encounters that are not particularly important but that make us laugh and learn valuable (and not-so-valuable) life lessons.