Wedding Wednesday: Tips on Planning a Wedding That's Meaningful to You

We are thrilled to launch an exciting guest blog series we've been preparing over the past weeks!  For those of you who know Ali and I personally, we are the type of people who look for purpose and meaning in what we do on a daily basis.  We thrive on experiences that bring out our personalities, whether it's our adventurous nature (cue the living abroad and spontaneous nature excursions) or our laid back sense of humour (we laugh at a lot at things, including at our own selves).

When it comes to weddings, we are most inspired when our brides and grooms personalize their weddings so that bits and pieces of themselves resonate through various aspects of the day.  

Over the next few weeks every Wednesday (#WeddingWednesday), we've invited some of our most talented wedding industry peers in Ottawa to guest blog on each of their respective specialities, whether it's choosing the right wedding dress or planning your ideal wedding day.  Most importantly, they'll be talking about how to make your wedding day the most meaningful, genuine and personal to you.

The first of our guest bloggers is none other than my incredibly talented peer and stylist extraordinaire, Elise Schmitz from Toast Events to give you tips on the planning and styling aspects of your wedding day that make it most meaningful to you.


Many of my clients in the beginning will awkwardly ask "So what's traditionally done for, X, Y and Z?". Stop right there! Throw that phrase out the window, because nowadays nothing in weddings is 'traditionally' done anymore. That's right, let me liberate you from the everyday wedding traditions without feeling the guilt. 

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There has been a huge change in the last 5 years of personalizing guests' wedding experience to reflect the individual bride and grooms personal style. Intimate guests lists, peculiar reception venues, bridal parties of one and even the absence of a wedding cake. I always say "Do what feels right for you. It's your day and you too should feel like a guest". So if you want to take the signing of your registry out of the ceremony, don't want to have a receiving line or want a first look - then do it! Your guests will thank you, for you will have provided them with a unique experience unlike any other wedding they have attended.  You'll also thank yourself for sticking to what feels right to you.

Toast Events - Fine Art Documentary Ottawa Wedding Photography - Ali Batoul Creatives

I know what your thinking. "But my mom wants..." - to that I say, pick your battles. Your parents by now have become professional negotiators and there is always room for flexibility. Managing your parents expectations and their "contributions" to your wedding can be difficult. Which is why I always suggest to assign a particular task which aren't really on your priority list, to keep them occupied.

For example, if flowers aren't really your thing, get your mom to start looking for inspirational magazine clippings (because we both know she's not Pinterest savvy), let her research florists to visit, etc. That way your mum can feel included and her focus is narrowed to an area you really don't care for. This takes the microscope off the rest of the days events and the fact that your not allowing any slide shows. 

Toast Events - Fine Art Documentary Ottawa Wedding Photography - Ali Batoul Creatives

So be brave and walk your own path. Your wedding day will come and go within a blink of an eye.  It's more valuable for you to truly live in the moment and experience the most important day of your lives in a way that's right for you. And hire a planner to help you navigate the crazy world of throwing the biggest party of your life!

Toast Events is one of Ottawa's leading luxury wedding planning and stylist businesses.  Elise, the founder and owner, is the creative genius behind it all, bringing to life wedding visions in a unique and masterfully orchestrated way.  Check out her blog for some of her latest wedding planning and styling tips.