Laguna Shoot | Sea Candy Jewelry

As we set down our beach blanket and stretched out our legs onto the warm sands, we noticed a couple of girls all decked out in long flowy maxi dresses photographing their bracelets using their phones.  Being a sucker for all things shiny and at the cost of looking like a bit of a stalker, I approached them and asked if I might help.  I quickly found out that Olivia and Emily had established a small business designing and hand making unique jewelry using sea glass washed up along the Pacific shores of Laguna Beach.

Revealing our humanity

Revealing our humanity

With our last post on Friday, we marked the end of our Muslims of Ottawa photography project. We’ve come across twenty very extraordinary people, heard their challenges, sorrows and driving influences. The purpose of this project was simply to connect with Muslims in our local community and give back by simply revealing their humanity. 

International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival 2014: Behind the Scenes Highlights

From the extravagantly decorated haut couture evening wear to the simple Ts supporting important social causes, the vision and talent of Muslim women designers, entrepreneurs and social activists was a powerhouse of innovation at the first annual International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival 2014 held in downtown Toronto on the August 23-24 weekend.