To float or not to float?

Lately, tourist havens here have been empty.  We were probably the only souls there at the resort off the Red Sea coast.  It was a little creepy being the only ones greeted by 10 servers at the breakfast buffet.  Lots of awkward smiles that's for sure!  We had the beach all to ourselves.  Not even a lifeguard in sight on site, which made me a little nervous given that my swimming skills are as good as my cooking.  Although sometimes I magically cook up a miracle on a good day.  I will make sure I write up a post when that happens, but don't hold me to it. Don't worry, I'll save you, Ali said to me as he pulled out the GoPro excitedly from my purse.  His words convinced me, somehow, even though we (both) knew that his swimming skills lag behind mine (I love you!!).   And so, we let loose, for the first time in a long time, swimming...umm, more like, SINKING, laughing, care-free, hand-in-hand under the hot mediterranean sun.


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