Hello morning sun, nice to meet you at last!

  I felt like a bag of stones, no, ROCKS, lay on top of me as I woke to the familiar sound of guitar-playing beeps ringing so annoyingly from my phone.  Please, just 5 more minutes, I thought.  The dangerous 5 more minutes.  The 5 more minutes that turn into 10, that turn into another hour, that cause havoc in the morning when you wake up and realize that you are already late for work!   It was 3:30 am.  No office to rush to, yet an extremely important event was about to unfold that very morning.  It took all the power that I had in me to get my unconscious self up and out of bed before dozing back into that seductive la-la land we call sleep.  Ali called the reception desk of the Ain Al Sokhna resort we so spontaneously decided to invade that weekend to get a drive down to the beach, 200 metres away.  Ya, that's how we roll over here.  No one answered though, as expected.  Ugh, you mean I'm going to have to walk all those 200 metres on foot?  Ali smiled at me patiently and reassuringly said that it'll all be worth it.  And oh, how it was worth it. Every gruelling step of the way!  Watching the sun effortlessly rise against the glorious horizon was such a majestic site.  At that moment, I was suddenly aware of what was happening.  Every morning, the sun greets me so kindly and warmly, asking me where I've been for the past few hours.   Today, I reciprocate by patiently waiting and reflecting upon the wonders of darkness until I can finally be the first to greet the light.


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