Muslims of Ottawa Photography Project


Muslims of Ottawa is a photographic representation of the diversity and humanity of our community. The project is two-fold: (1) We want to share and document the broad array of cultures, lifestyles, professions and other defining features of Muslims and (2) hear members of the community in their own words.

Very much in the spirit of Humans of New York, the aim is to inspire others to recognize and appreciate Muslims for the way they live their lives. Too often Muslims are swept up in politicized portrayals in the media and the daily aspects of life – taking care of children, balancing the concerns of family in Canada and abroad or professional achievements – the daily realities that reveal our humanity become less visible to the Canadian public.

So we want to create a simple portal into the lives of ordinary Muslims – to capture them as they pursue their passions and in the spaces that best define them.

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Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Parliament Hill, Ottawa