Downtown Ottawa Engagement Shoot | Kat + Angad

Sometimes timing can be so off.  Other times, just so absolutely perfect.  Angad and Katherine’s circles intertwined through mutual friends a few years back.  As their friendship evolved over the years, Angad realized that his respect and appreciation for her came from somewhere deep in his heart.  But the timing wasn’t right.  A political scientist by training, Katherine's adventures took her into a completely different direction around the world.  Angad continued to pursue his business studies in Ottawa, waiting patiently until the stars finally aligned.

Upon Katherine’s return to the capital, their friendship was rekindled and quickly grew into something much more profound and beautiful.  Soon into their courtship, the sharing of promise rings sealed the deal that Angad and Katherine were meant for one another.  Katherine shyly told me that deep down they both knew that they would end up together. It was just a matter of time…the right time.

Kat + Angad Engagement Shoot-53_Blog

I’m so honoured to have photographed these two incredible souls in downtown Ottawa this past fall.  I saw the love emanating through Angad’s eyes as he gazed into Katherine’s emerald ones.  His jokes made her burst into laughter as they recalled funny moments throughout the shoot.  Which of course makes for such natural fun-filled photos. They made their love official in the ancient city of Jabalpur, India over the winter holidays!  I am so happy for this unique and kind-hearted couple and proud to call them my friends.  Congratulation you two!

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