Rideau Hall Engagement Shoot | Cassie + Morgan

It’s been ten years since Cassie and Morgan officially became an item, and more than twenty since they’ve known one another. They grew up together in a small town just north of Toronto.  Cassie admitted that they used to spend hours and hours giggling on the phone all night long with the carefree air of young teenage love, even gushing that they’d get married one day.  As the fates have it, they were both accepted into university in Ottawa.  And so their journey together has continued in the heart of the capital, with cappuccinos in their hand, heads in their books and open hearts to what the future has to hold.

It was such a pleasure to take their engagement photos, although each one of us almost lost our toes in the -25 degree freeze that Ottawa gladly provides its many inhabitants.  In any case, congratulations you two, and it’s so great to know that you’ll be married in a milder fall temperature!  

Seconds before Morgan decided to have a little fun...

A warm up session with some apple cider and hot coffee made it all worth it!