Qatar Nights I: Dune Bashing in the Inland Sea

Ali & Batoul Photography - Doha Travel Photography_0083.jpg

While it wasn't the greatest idea to go dune bashing at 6 weeks into my pregnancy (there may or may not have been some throw up along the 1.5 hour ride), it was still such an epic experience!  Our driver Sameer, a Pakistani native who grew up in Qatar and spoke perfect Arabic took us on a bumpy ride around the Inland Sea.  The Persian Gulf juts into southern Qatar near the Saudi border creating an incredible scenery fit for all sand dune and sunset lovers.  The softest hues of beiges and blues you'll ever see!  I remember spending the whole 1.5 hour ride back to Doha nauseated in the back of the landcruiser and counting the minutes until we got back to the city while Ali chatted away with Sameer about politics, culture and life in Doha.  Typical Ali fashion!