Qatar Nights II: Museums, Brunch, Markets Galore

2017 is going to be our year of sharing.  Sharing recipes (Batoul is adamant about learning how to cook 5 of her mother’s most delicious Iraqi dishes - let’s see if this actually pans out), our travels, experiences and general daily musings.    

We have had some pretty cool and hilarious travel experiences and we want to use our small space on the web to document these adventures of ours.  A few of our friends may be visiting us in Qatar this year in the off season (beware, it’s treacherously hot in the summer - only visit in the late fall, winter or early spring!), so we thought it would be timely to highlight some of our favourite spots around town.  

While I consider myself a geek of some sorts, I’m not big into museums (Ali is though!), but the Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural marvel itself.  It’s situated along the waterfront facing the impressive skyline of under-utilized skyscrapers and even a casual museum go-er like me enjoyed the simple and select exhibitions.  The market place called Souq Waqif is a must see - I don’t think there are many places in the world that sell $20,000 eagles.  Say what!?  It’s part of the Arabian tradition to train these bad boys, or rather, bad birds as part of the falconry wildlife sport.  And of course, the brunches.  The extravagant brunches to be exact.  I only zeroed in on the dessert part of the brunch, but trust me when I say you’ll never see a feast as elaborate for this meal.  Puts my vegetarian omelette and orange juice from concentrate to shame.   

We hope that over the next few weeks, we’ll dig into our travel archives and blog every trip we’ve ever had together as a way to share with our friends and family our adventuring highlight reel.

Enjoy a bit of Doha through our eyes!