Singing Sand Dunes Desert Love Shoot | Amina + Hassan

We’ve been between Canada and Qatar for nearly two years!  And now that our time in Qatar is coming to an end, we decided that it was time to explore the desert with a sweet couple, Amina and Hassan, we met online (thank you instagram!).  But not just any desert.  We chose a specific spot called The Singing Sand Dunes, because, well, the wind passing over the dunes makes a whistling sound.  Hauntingly beautiful.  The sand storm season worked in our favour - the winds were strong and we had to fight the element of sand in our eyes and a harsh sun on top.  But we powered through and had lots of fun throughout!  My friend Katherine, from Pollen Nation Floral Studios, coached me through the process of creating a garden-style wild bouquet to compliment the overall desert look.  I managed to forage some greenery from random trees growing in the city, and created a sun kissed ranunculi-filled arrangement that completed the shoot.

Amina and Hassan are newly weds (only 2 months!) and wanted to have their photos taken in the desert to preserve this moment in time of their newly-wed lives.  I hope you enjoy this light-hearted and windy desert shoot.