The Lemonade Files 06: Moving countries, photoshopped visas and stale water

This Week’s Wrap Up

WE ARE MOVING.  Back to Canada.  In a little over a week.  Our international life is now over and we are glad to be settling down in a place to call our home for the long-run.  It’s bitter sweet!  Hayat spent most of her life here in Qatar, so we’ll always have a soft spot for the country that saw Hayat roll for the first time, take her first steps and celebrate her first birthday.  Getting slightly sentimental over here! 

WE ARE FULLY BOOKED.  If I told my first-year photographer self that we’d one day our wedding seasons would be fully booked with the best clients anyone could ask for, I’d say you’re lying.  

WATCHING THE GOOD WIFE.  Not sure about you, but watching some of the older dramas is just so freakin’ good.  There are so many good shows coming out, but we prefer to watch the ones with more than 2+ seasons.  We hate waiting for new shows to come out next year.  That’s the worst!  

Meme of the week:

Found on 9gag; sent from Ali to Batoul over instagram

Found on 9gag; sent from Ali to Batoul over instagram

Things We Said

Batoul: I’m such a bad influence on you! When I’m around, you always start eating terribly.  Like, why do you need to have a pepsi with dinner today?

Ali: Because, I’ve been eating out at ‘Kishmish’ and drinking stale water out of a bucket before you joined me here.  I deserve it.

‘*NOTE: This is Ali’s way of saying that he splurges on dinner when I’m around - because it’s more fun that way.  This is our romantic ladies and gents!

Remember When

Hayat turned 1!

In the blink of an eye, our sweet daughter, Hayat, turned 1 in January!  How we managed to keep her alive and well for this entire year is past us.  I guess we are more responsible than we think!  She travelled to Canada, Qatar, South Africa, Oman and Pakistan so far.  I think she’s has no choice whether or not the travel bug has bitten!  She bites our noses when we laugh too hard, she kicks us in the face when she’s unhappily getting her diaper changed, and throws her food to the ground, hard, whenever she feels like it.  She makes everyone around her melt from her smile and is a superstar wherever she goes.  Getting so sentimental, but what can I do? We are hopelessly in love!

Photoshopped visa photos

I got my photo taken at a small, dingy photo studio this week for passport and visa purposes.  The word ‘dingy’ just does not cut it.  I mean, they used bollywood superstar’s photos as examples for their passport photos.  All smiling and angled like those actor audition photos.  Anyway, I noticed the guy photoshopping my face - literally removing blemishes and evening out my skin as if the image was important to me.  The icing on the cake was that he did this for Hayat’s photos too!  It was the most weird and wonderful thing ever.  

Favourite Things

This week, we ordered butter chicken takeout…twice.  And it’s only Tuesday.  The first time around, I devoured the sweet goodness all by my lonesome.  I allowed Ali a small bite, but that was it.  This time around, we decided to share the calories, so we got one round for the both of us.  We split it evenly, and that was that!  Equal marriage for the win.  

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