Elora Gorge Engagement Shoot | Chris + Gillian

She had a hunch that he was going to propose soon.  Chris had spent a day farming with Gillian's dad, which was the first clue that something was going on behind her back.  He also told her, in his British accent that Gill said she never got tired of, to go out and get her nails done for fun.  Light bulb moment?  So when Chris and Gillian went out for one of their hikes, a pastime they enjoy together, it was the perfect moment to ask Gillian to be his life companion.  There were laughs, a downpour of rain and lifelong memories made that day.   

It was inevitable that these two adventurous souls chose a combination of small-town vibe and rugged natural beauty as their backdrop for their engagement shoot in Elora, Ontario.  As with their proposal, the rain came pouring down amidst our hike at the Elora Gorge.  And they didn't care for one second.  Gillian took Chris's hand and led him to a rock in the middle of the river as the rain came down full force.  Their hair and clothes were soaked, but that didn't bother them.  They were together.  Surrounded by beauty.  Happy and content.  

Gill, Chris - thank you for allowing me to capture your happiness.  You've gotten me so pumped for your Hanover wedding this upcoming weekend.  Let the celebrations begin!