Gatineau Park Pink Lake Engagement | Audra + Mike

Audra and Mike first met as students back in 2003. They lived in the same residence at McMaster University and naturally became friends.  After flying home together to Ottawa for Thanksgiving dinner, they made the connection that Mike’s dad had been Audra’s family doctor when she was really little.  Small world!  These two had remained friends over the years and bumped into each other now and again as they both started their teaching careers in Ottawa.  

Over 14 years later, in 2017, they bumped into each other again at a party and ended up talking for hours.  They had an incredible lunch together at the Manx and started going to hockey games, comedy shows, eating great food and hanging out for weeks on end.  Audra officially became Mike’s girlfriend after he asked her in her kitchen while watching amateur wrestling.  In Audra’s words, it was the most hilarious and awesome night! 

They had agreed that they would get married and kept their plans to get married a secret. Mike still wanted to officially propose!  A few weeks later, Mike planned a date to the Manx for dinner.  His sister came over to their place, decorated the house with rose petals and candles while they strolled home after dinner.  When they walked in the door, Audra was wowed.  A ‘will you marry me?’ playlist was rolling in the background and Mike took her upstairs to the kitchen where he first asked her to be his girlfriend and dropped to one knee.  It was perfect! 

I feel like I’ve known Audra and Mike for a while - my high school football team used to compete against Mike’s back in the day while we were both high school students!  But we only met at their engagement shoot!  These two will be getting married at the Cereal Barn this August, and I am so excited to share their engagement photos that we took at Gatineau Park.