Old Ottawa City Hall Engagement | Becca + Kendrick

Having both grown up in Newfoundland, Becca and Kendrick's lives first intertwined in the nation's capital when their close friends set them up to meet.  Becca knew he was a special kind of guy when on the first night that they met, he taught her how to properly cook salmon.  Being a former dancer, Becca held a special place in her heart for the New York City Ballet.  Kendrick, being the thoughtful guy that he is, surprised Becca by proposing in NYC at the ballet this past winter.  He flew their best friends in to witness and be with them to celebrate!  

I met Becca and Kendrick for the first time at their old Ottawa city hall engagement shoot after they booked us over email.  It felt as though I had known them forever after so much chatter over email and instagram with the bride-to-be!  We figured out the perfect spot for their engagement shoot after I insta-storied the beautiful bridge and old city hall that I walk by on the regular.  Ali and I are super excited to be photographing their wedding next year at The Herb Garden and I'm already drooling over Becca's wedding dress because it's by one of my favourite Canadian designers, Abigail of Gardenia.