Babymama Takeover at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park

I’ve always felt that I was pretty good at connecting people who don’t know each other.  As if I have this intuition, knowing that certain people will hit it off if only they had the chance to meet one day.  I think I’d be pretty good at becoming an expert connector one day.  If that’s even a thing.  I know, you probably think I’m weird and crazy - so welcome to the world I call my active brain.

So when I finally was able to go for a Gatineau Hills hike at Pink Lake with two amazing, girl boss baby-mamas (try saying that fast three times!) I knew we’d have an inspiring time.  Fall in this region is simply breathtaking, so we took an hour or so hiking around Pink Lake, chatting about life, babies, careers, inspiration and everything in between.  Sometimes, you just need these moments to unwind, breath in nature’s glory and give your spirit a jolt of adrenaline to help your creative juices flow.  I also completely forgot to get a photo of Hayat and I, but we snuck one group iPhone photo in at the end!  I can guarantee that each baby's face will make you laugh. 

I’m now back at my desk, excited to get into the nightly grind (Hayat doesn’t give me much opportunity to get anything done in the day, and that’s totally fine by me!) and looking forward to wrapping up an incredible 2017 season of weddings, lots and lots of editing, wild bouquets and wild love!

Enjoy these few photos I took of our walk around the lake.  Carrying a baby, backpack and an DSLR takes talent my friends.  My back will be sore later!  But so worth it.

Gatineau Park Photos | Ali and Batoul Photography_.jpg