Small Intentional Steps: A Blogging Challenge

I woke up this gloomy fall Monday morning with a mission. A blogging mission.  That I would write a brilliant, aesthetically pleasing, exciting, informative and wedding photography-related blog post every day for the month of November!  Ambitious much?  Definitely. So I’ll take a step back and restart.

I have a million things that I want to talk about, write about and simply share with all my friends.  Photos of our most recent and past travels.  Thoughts on life.  Our love for photography, food and my obsession with rings of course!   But without an intentional plan and strong will set to do this, nothing ends up happening.  From working a full-time day job, writing French exams (oui, oui!), moving houses, travelling frequently and just plain living, it’s sometimes difficult to put into words ideas, feelings and thoughts when cuddled up in bed at 11pm, hot herbal tea in hand, pinteresting the most inspirational quotes and ready to doze off into dreamland.  


So, for this month of November, I solemnly swear that I do more blog loving (we are updating regularly on our instagram account: @alibatoulcreatives) by writing more and share the many passing thoughts and learned lessons that I've selfishly kept to myself and in-person circle and meaningful images that I’ve kept locked up on my hard drive.  Let’s start with 3 times a week.  The same number of days I’ve committed to going to the gym this month.  Too many goals for November?  Well, I went to my first Body Combat class today, so I’m on a successful track so far!

Here’s to small intentional steps that make all the difference in the long run.