Top 11 Random Things You Didn't Know About Us

This month, Batoul has taken it upon herself to write more.  And why not share with our friends - the 3 of you who actually read the blog (we dare you to write a comment below!) - on some of our musings?  So here it goes, the top 11 random things you didn't know about us:

1 - Ali grew up in Philadelphia. A die hard Eagles and Sixers fan for life!

2 - Batoul likes to finish off her sentences with pop-star lyrics, most recently Adele.  Here's how it can go:

    Ali: Hey Batoul!

    Batoul: Hello.  It’s me.

    Ali: Uh, ya I know it’s you.  What do you feel like doing?

    Batoul: I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

    Ali: Um, we meet everyday.  We are married after all.  Or is this some kind of a trick question?  

    Batoul: To go over, everything.

    Ali: Ok, I get it.  It’s one of those moments with your songs and stuff.  Sure, let's meet!

3 - In 2015 alone, we were part of five house moves.  Negotiating, lawyers, crying, packing, loading, more crying, unloading, pizza, Ikea binges, etc.  We are happy to say we are finally settling into our own new home!  House-warming party planning!

4 - Ali’s a political junkie.  He spends most of his days speculating about who is most likely to get caught in the next political scandal.  And he’s usually right.     

5 - Excessive use of imagination for comedic purposes.  For example, randomly asking ‘Who do you think would win in a battle? Richard Branson’s goatee vs. Miley Cyrus’s dignity?  (Batoul thinks this is mean, but Ali disagrees, hence this one primarily lies with Ali!)

6 - Batoul’s a cat lover through and through, but has never owned one...yet! 

7 - We take a lot of time deciding on our next wifi connection names: former names have been Embassy of Yugoslavia and Moldova, Sakakeeeeen (named after the cutlery street seller in the streets of Zamalek, Cairo), Fuzemiao (Confucius, in Chinese; a contender for the name of our future kitten), etc.

8 - In our home, we enjoy speaking our own language, a not so pretty creole: Batoul’s British impersonations,  high-pitched Caironese Arabic, adding random ‘ings’ to the end of every word and Bramptonian slang mixed with a little (actually a lot) of Bramptonian speak.

9 - Secret binge watching of random shows such as Suits, Scandal, Revenge, Ugly Betty (Batoul-specific), Breaking Bad (Stephen Harper style)

10 - Ali’s a fantasy football tactician and waiver-wire strategic guru - whatever that means!

11 - Batoul constantly flight shops just for fun, but sometimes that shopping turns into real tickets! A la Espana most recently.  

And there you have it.  Our 11 seemingly random things you didn’t know, but-by-now-probably-don’t-want-to-know about us!

Until next time,



Ali & Batoul

Husband and wife wedding photographers for the adventurous couple.  Based in Ottawa, Canada and travelling worldwide.