Qatar Nights III: Deserts, Little Italy and Skylines

What does the desert, little Italy and skylines have in common?  Absolutely nothing! Except that you can find them all here in Doha.  And so we spent a few days checking each of these places off of our ‘to see’ list before the weather becomes too torturous to bare. 

Ali's caveman tendencies came into full force when he took us out to an area called Sealine for a relaxed afternoon BBQ in the desert.  He was raving about the view, but I know that all he really wanted was to BBQ some lamb in the wild.  

This place is pretty special because the sand dunes on the East side tumble into the Persian Gulf on the West side.  Don’t ask me how I actually knew the where East and West was in this particular situation.  I’m usually in the ’Never, East, Shredded, Wheat’ category, but this time, I had better bearings.    

We didn’t take a dip in the sea, not at all because we suck at swimming.  It’s because we just wanted to appreciate the beauty of looking at the ocean (in case you didn’t notice, I’m being sarcastic here!).  But seriously, we were told the sea was filled with jelly-fish.  Who would want to swim with that!?  

Hayat had a great time.  She mostly slept in the car, and squinted her adorable eyes enough to get in a few photos before she screamed from annoyance.  

The next day, we took a stroll through a residential area called Little Venezia, which was just short of ‘bustling’ but beautiful nonetheless.  

Our last stop was spent walking along the corniche of West Bay during sunset.  My all-time favourite time of day.