The Lemonade Files 04: Peas in a Pod

The Lemonade Files are a series of bitesize anecdotes from memorable happenings in our lives that make us laugh, love and appreciate the subtleties of everydayness.

We’re not used to that level of fancy. Dim lighting, velvet chairs and lots of non-brown people. Don’t get us wrong, it was fun and we loved it. But we, meaning me (Ali), were clearly not ready for it. This was a high end Sushi restaurant in Toronto’s financial district. And we were served peas for appetizers. Spicy peas literally still in the pod. I wasn’t paying attention when they were served and the set up – the crux and the start of my downfall.

Two bowls, one with the uneaten peas and the other for the chewed up pods. Yup. That’s right. Exactly what you’re thinking. I still hadn’t caught on yet. It was in my mouth for about five minutes and I’m trying my best to swallow this whole, not realizing, again, the set up. Until I finally notice whats going on here. Thank god there were at least 10 people there and they were Canadians so they were polite enough not to say anything about it.

But yeah, peas in a pod … literally.