We Went to Purple Island

It’s official.  We are moving back to Canada.  As much as we loved this international lifestyle, we feel the urge to settle down close to family.  It's a bitter sweet feeling, but my heart is calling for home in another place.  So, we are trying to enjoy these last few months in Qatar, visiting all the sites and sounds that this country has to offer before we head back to the north pole, I mean, Ottawa.

We decided to visit an area filled with mangroves called Purple Island.  I was obsessed with the word 'mangrove' for no particular reason except that the word sounds hilarious.  Say it out loud 10 times and you'll know what I mean!  The main walkway to the Island was destroyed, so we waded through purple water (apparently the colour released from the shell of dead snails - yikes!), to walk around this uninhabited land filled with interesting lime rock formations, flora and fauna.  

Here are snippets of our time spent exploring this beautiful piece of earth.  Although we didn’t end up canoeing amidst mangroves (we went to the wrong area for that, and Hayat didn’t seem to be in a cooperative state any way!), we roamed around for a little while, taking in the beautiful sunset and crisp cool air.