4 reasons why you will not regret having a first look

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Oh, the infamous first look.  

Whenever we meet with a couple, we always ask if they have thought about having a private reveal or what is more popularly known as 'the first look'.  If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s the gist:  The bride and groom get to see each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony.  They have a few minutes (or however long they want) alone together to enjoy the moment in privacy before spending the rest of the day with everyone else.  Some choose to read their personal vows to one another while others opt to simply enjoy each other’s company before the rest of the day unfolds.  I would say, 90% of our couples decide to have a first look, even those with a religious ceremony later in the day.  There are a multitude of reasons why, so I’ve narrowed down 4 of the top mentions.

4 reasons why you will not regret having a first look

1 - Easing those nerves

You’ve spent months dreaming about this very day!  So much time planning all the details, making sure the guest list is updated, that the bouquets arrive on time and hoping that the sun will stay out long enough before that dreaded grey cloud takes over (praying for lots of soft sunlight over here!).  You didn’t expect to feel so nervous from the moment you woke up that very morning.  The butterflies are getting the better of you and you just can’t seem to enjoy the day as you’d like.  You said you’re not going to get nervous or too emotional, but somehow, you are!  It is your wedding day!  If only you could see your special someone for a few moments to breathe, relax and laugh together.  

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All our couples who weren’t keen on a first look, but eventually decided to have one did not regret it for one second!  It helped them ease their nerves and fully enjoy the rest of their wedding day.   

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2 - The only time you’ll be alone during your wedding

Just think about it.  All day long, you will be surrounded by family and friends, which is a wonderfully incredible experience!  The first look will be the only opportunity to have some private time together (with the photographer of course).   To put a pause on the day and just be together for a moments to take it all in before celebrating with everyone else.  The day will go by in a blur, so this precious time alone will be moments you’ll remember vividly.  I feel a little sappy just saying this, but it’s so true!

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3 - Portraits done ahead of time + more portraits too

Most couples decide to have the majority of their bride and groom portraits captured immediately after the first look.  It’s an exciting time filled with lots of feelings, you’re makeup is freshly in place and the sweat hasn’t yet begun to dribble down your back (TMI?), you’re energy is on full blast and you’re ready to prance around in a field of flowers with your soon-to-be-husband.  

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Have I convinced you yet?  The timing is so optimal!  As a bonus, getting your bride and groom photos done early on in the day can get you a larger number of photos with more diversity too, especially if you opt for a few bride and groom portraits at sunset too.  It’s a win-win and a win-win!   

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4 - Less stress + more time enjoy your wedding

When you get the bride and groom portraits done early on in the day, you’ll have much more time to hang out with the bridal party as well as the rest of your guests during the reception.  You won’t disappear for an excruciatingly long period of time between the ceremony and reception either.  

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You’ll be less stressed and distraught about ‘how long the portraits are taking’.  Instead, you could be enjoying laughs with your besties, listening to embarrassing stories about you from your siblings and smacking your lips together over those delicious hors d’oeuvres you specifically chose for cocktail hour  - in other words, appreciating the full ambiance and vibe of your own wedding.  

So there you have it, friends.  My four reasons why you will not regret having a first look.  If you'd like tips on preparing for your engagement shoot and wedding, check out our post below:

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