A Casablancan moment

I had all these ideas of how we would spend our layover in beautiful Casablanca.  Maybe an authentic Moroccan lunch by the corniche, or a walk along the exquisite sandy beaches of the great Atlantic, a couple of quick excursions to the marketplace.  I was so excited to spend the day exploring! But no.  We passed out for 5 straight hours at the hotel.  It felt good though.  Wrong, but so good!  I was so upset when I realized that I had slept away our entire afternoon.  I had planned it all so well.  But of course, as much as you plan, there are always greater plans in stock for you.  You've got to go with the flow sometimes, and accept whatever happens with an open heart.  I left my sour mood in the hotel, with a little (more like a lot!) motivation from Ali, and we spent our one hour escapade living in the moment, exhilarated, carefree and happy with the blessed present.Casablanca - Published-8 Casablanca - detail Casablanca - batoul standing Casablanca - Ali standing Casablanca - Published-6 Casablanca - Published-9 Casablanca - dirty&done Casablanca - PublishedCasablanca - Published-10