The triple T's.

I call us the double T's.  Typical Tourists (TT).  Or maybe I should call us the triple T's?  The Typical Tourists (TTT)?  There were three of us there anyway.  If you're in Cairo, how can you NOT become a triple T when the ancient pyramids of Giza are calling upon you?   Time to get into our plaid shirts, put on our arabian turbans and gear up and all.  Time to get our triple T's on!  A few clips of our midday adventure that probably went on for a little too long.  Slept like a baby that night.  Traipsing in the desert for hours on end will do that to you! b.

village pyramids - published-5 pyramids - published-13pyramids - published-9batoulpyramids - published-8 pyramids - published batoul aliLove at first sight!  ali camel pyramids - published-14 pyramids - published-19 pyramids - published-20 pyramids - published-21 pyramids - published-22 tomb in and out pyramids - published-23 pyramids - published-27Giz