Museum of Nature Engagement Shoot | Brittany + Samer

Chemistry.  Literally chemistry.  It was at Gloucester High School in CHEM11 class where these two opposites first attracted.  A soccer jock, Samer’s life revolved around dribbling the ball up and down the field and scoring the winning goals.  He was not ready for the bright and bubbly Brittany to take his attention away from his love.  In between giggles, Brittany admitted to me that on that first day of chemistry class, she asked the person sitting next to Samer to switch seats with her so that she can be next to him.  Samer was still in his own world and in Brittany’s words, ‘he didn’t even know I was alive!’, or so she thought.  Until one day, Samer cancelled a soccer game just to be by Brittany’s side.  That’s when they both knew that they’ve officially become an item.  And not only any item, but the item.

Over the last 9 years their care free, high school crush grew into a deep, undeniable love.   Brittany’s full-of-life perspective compliments so beautifully Samer’s calm and charming demeanour.

We were lucky to have escaped the drizzle during this dreary fall day in downtown Ottawa. But they brought with them positive vibes, lots of laughter and good ol' high school chemistry.

The Canadian Museum of Nature was a played a perfect victorian backdrop to this elegant yet stylish shoot.

These pink pumps were to die for! Totally matching Brittany's super fun personality!

Samer pulling out some of his slick moves.

You can never go wrong with a vintage touch!  Love those smiles.

Taking a quick break before round two!

I've driven by this underpass so many times, hoping that one day I'd have the chance to photograph someone here.  These two really spiced it up!