When tradition meets modern: Indian-inspired bridal shoot

This styled shoot was about blending the modern and traditional in every aspect. Bringing together urban and industrial landscapes with chic Indian bridalwear - the point was to highlight the beauty in diversity and re-defining the "traditional". Battling through the last few cold days before the summer thaw, bringing this classic lengha out onto the streets was a huge success. Kat and Angad were absolutely the perfect couple for this shoot and symbolize in so many ways the key aspects we wanted to bring put forward. Elegant, fun, open, committed - they are a true microcosm of what makes our city so great and a beautiful reminder of how well our city brings together different spaces, people and values.

But this was a labour of love for many wonderful and talented local artists.  Ariana from Hair and Makeup by Ariana went for long wavy curls complemented by a dramatic eye palette for Katherine’s (our bride!) makeup to bring forth South Asian flavour that can be seen on the Bollywood screen or at a full-blown wedding.  Sana from Rang De Professional Henna Artistry infused a bit of aztec and linear touches into what is usually a curvy henna pattern. The henna designs complemented ZS Designs’ traditional jewellery pieces that glimmered with hues of gold, green, red and pink.  Ylimay from Anemoi Creations worked hard to put together the alluring floral pieces.  The green and pink flower crown as well as the elegant single red rose took the shoot to the next level of both hip and glam.  The love notes, created by Emma from Path of Light Designs committed into word their love story.  And of course, a shout out to Katherine and Angad for braving the colder than expected weather.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

We took to the borders between Ontario and Quebec to capture the sunset for the next portion of our shoot.  We were going for a more romantic mood.

ali & batoul