Arboretum Love Shoot: Isabelle + Arman

Months ago, Ali and I contributed towards a humanitarian fundraiser to help support displaced Iraqis currently living in inadequate conditions as a result of war.  This initiative hits close to the heart after having recently seen, first hand, some of the difficult living conditions in the country.  The magnitude of the situation makes us feel so helpless, so while tiny, we decided to use our talents for something bigger than ourselves.  We raffled off a photoshoot at a fundraiser back in February.  We were so happy to hear from Isabelle and Arman after they won a photo session with us!  

We just caught the last weekend of the colourful fall foliage for Isabelle and Arman's love shoot.  These two fought through the cold afternoon chill with lots of laughter, warm leather-jacket laden hugs and stolen glances.  Enjoy the last bits of orange, yellow, green and red before the next season of white arrives!