Charleston Lake Cottage Engagement | Emily + Dan

It was the last weekend of July when Dan planned it all.  He had Emily’s step-dad come up with a fake excuse to get the entire family to Emily’s family cottage at Charleston Lake.  Emily had no clue what was in store for her. On the Saturday morning, Dan took Emily out for a seadoo ride to the middle of the lake.  He stopped the seadoo, repositioned himself to face her straight on and proposed to a very surprised Emily! No one else knew about the planned proposal except for Emily’s dad, step-dad and step brother.  So they were able to share the wonderful news as each family arrived at the cottage that day. It was an exciting weekend full of laughs, tears and so much joy.  

Emily and Dan brought me to Charleston Lake to have their engagement photos taken at the very same place that Dan proposed.  We walked all over the beautiful property and averted the rain until the very end of their shoot when Emily and Dan courageously walked along a mini-cliffside for some incredible views of the lake that means so much to these kind souls.  
I am pumped to be shooting their wedding at the Museum of History this fall planned by Courtney Elizabeth Events!