A Colourful Intimate Ottawa Wedding | Lauren + Skylar

Lauren + Skylar Ottawa Wedding collage.jpg

Lauren and Skylar will be celebrating their wedding day in Mexico next month, but since a few important family members could not make it down south, they decided to have an intimate ceremony on their family’s beautiful property so that Lauren’s grandfather could walk her down the aisle.  

It was gently raining all morning into the early afternoon, a typical theme for all my weddings this year!  And in the usual fashion, the rain subsided right in time for the walk down the aisle into Skylar’s family’s private property.  Lauren walked down, arm-in-arm with her beloved grandfather. Everyone was smiling and tearing up during these few special moments together.

One of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen was the backdrop of their ceremony.  The main house pretty much sits on top of a hill and the property descends into the lake below where Lauren and Skylar spent many hours hanging out with the family on those hot summer days.  So of course, we spent the majority of the few hours that I was there to capture them in their natural element.  

A big shout out to Carla, from Capital Florist, who created a magical tropical dream for Lauren’s bouquet and ceremony arch.  And Olivia Foulkes Makeup, who magnified Lauren’s natural beauty.

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