Brockville Country Club Wedding | Hilary + James

They walked into their ceremony…together.  She didn’t wear a veil.  The rain poured down all day long until it was time to take their photos.  She didn't care that her dress got muddy during their portraits.  No assigned seating or head table - everyone sat where their heart desired.  Hilary and James made their wedding completely their own and didn’t follow any tradition for the sake of tradition.  This is what made their day even more special.  It reflected their sharp fashion sense, attention to detail and minimalist style as well as their cottage-loving, nature exploring, wild-at-heart selves.  It was perfectly them.  

During their parents' and friends' speeches, they all made mention of Hilary’s deep sense of compassion, commitment to her loves ones and endless drive to pursue what she believes in.  It was quite inspirational to see how everyone chose similar words to describe her.  James, it was evident that your family’s good sense of humour and ability to make everyone around you feel at ease rubbed off on you.  It makes Hilary laugh with all her heart.  Keep doing that.  

It was an honour for Ali and I to photograph your wedding day.  Truly one of our favourites!  

Ali & Batoul

Husband and wife wedding photographers for the adventurous couple.  Based in Ottawa, Canada and travelling worldwide.