The Lemonade Files 05: Shanghai Fabric District and Red Velvet Cake

The Lemonade Files are a series of bitesize anecdotes from memorable happenings in our lives that make us laugh, love and appreciate the subtleties of everydayness.  

Remember When

There was a time when we were traipsing through Shanghai’s fabric district.  We stumbled upon this particular tie shop advertising ‘100% silk’ for $1 each.  Let’s just say that we stocked up that day 5 years ago and Ali still wears those ties.  His proudest possessions to date.  

Things We Said

Batoul: Habibi, you really need to cut your toenails.  

Ali: they’ve been longer....

This Week

While Ali was carrying Hayat in his arms, she looked at him in the face and reached out to grab his glasses.  She grabbed them in one try and held them tight as we starred at her in amazement.  Does this mean she’ll be a bully one day?  Or does she just hate glasses?  We’ll never know!

Batoul never knows the best time to cut Hayat's nails.  She has battle scars on her face to prove this.  

Batoul’s a big believer of sticking to something you really like instead of getting disappointed with a mediocre meal.  So, we ordered sweet and sour chicken for the third time from the same place.  This does not help with Batoul’s dream of learning to cook good dinner food.  

Continuing with the food theme, Ali brought home some of the best tasting red velvet cake.  It tastes almost cheese cakey, which is why it’s so delicious!  Of course, Batoul ate half the cake in one sitting.  Not a slice.  The half of an entire cake.  This sitting was followed by a ‘I’m going to throw up’ and a ‘why didn’t you stop me from eating it!!!’ to Ali.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Ali & Batoul

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